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Frequent AC tune-ups and regular maintenance are essential to the health of your system, If your system needs a check-up call on Climate Pro, we won’t waste your time, add to your stress, or cause further disruption to your home. We promise to combine an accommodating schedule with punctual arrival, tidy job sites, and exceptional job performance.

As you know by living in Arizona, we have a pretty moderate to hot temperature all year. So it’s important to keep your cooling system well-maintained and watch out for any signs it may need to be repaired.

If you’ve been noticing any of the signs below, give us a call today, we’ll come out and check out your system and make sure it’s ready for whatever weather gets thrown at us.

  • There’s insufficient airflow: a lack of airflow is a common sign that your system isn’t working efficiently or that there’s a blockage somewhere in your ductwork. Other possible reasons for lack of airflow are; a clogged filter, a broken motor, or something more serious.
  • Warm Air coming from your vents: when you want cool air flowing through your house, you definitely don’t want to be feeling warm air! Make sure your thermostat is set to cooling and then set it to a lower temperature. If the vents are still blowing warm air, your system may have a restricted airflow or compressor issue.
  • You notice water coming from your system: your AC uses refrigerant to cool your home and may produce some condensation, however, neither should learn or accumulate in your home.
  • Frequent Cycles: your system should be running through routine cycles. If you notice that your system is turning on a lot, contact us today!
  • Something smells strange: if you smell something coming from your HVAC system its best to deal with that issue before it becomes worse. You may need a quick tune up or a full cleaning.
  • Something sounds strange: Most systems make a low level noise, but if you hear something that sounds like its rattling you may have a loose part. Also if you hear grinding you may have a more serious problem.

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Get top quality AC system repairs throughout Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Sun Lakes, Chandler Heights, and Queen Creek, AZ!

Climate Pro, LLC provides free estimates on air conditioner repair throughout Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Sun Lakes, Chandler Heights, and Queen Creek, AZ. Our factory-trained, experienced technicians take advantage of smart technology to ensure an accurate diagnosis. We not only isolate concerns but troubleshoot to promote maximum reliability and system longevity. Understanding the importance of comfort, energy efficiency, and air quality, the team from Climate Pro, LLC optimizes the operation and value of your air conditioner.

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