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Sophisticated VRF technology replaces one, large, noisy unit with smaller air handlers that can be independently controlled. Along with zoned temperature control, the equipment allows simultaneous heating and cooling. Climate Pro, LLC specializes in both residential and commercial application, handling a full range of VRF services, from new design/installation to maintenance programs, tune-ups, and repairs.

While these systems are wonderfully reliable, they are also extremely complex. Only a trained and experienced professional can meet the unique requirements and optimize equipment performance. Climate Pro, LLC is the right choice. Our factory authorized technicians offer skilled services and free estimates throughout Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Sun Lakes, Chandler Heights, and Queen Creek, AZ. Combining quality equipment, advanced technology, and affordable pricing, we create more efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable homes.

Why choose a VRF system?

  • Energy Efficiency – Designed to provide precisely the right amount of heating/cooling necessary for current demand, the system runs less often at lower capacity. Plus, the VRF system captures heat from the cooling process to reuse in areas that require heating.
  • Quiet – With the condensing unit located outside, noise is restricted to small and quiet air handlers.
  • Combines Heating & Cooling – You can switch easily between heating and cooling, and even heat one room while cooling another.
  • Even Comfort – The compressor detects the specific requirements of each zone and supplies the precise amount of refrigerant necessary to maintain perfect comfort.
  • Reliability – Because the system is designed to run only when necessary and under partial-load conditions, wear and tear is minimized, resulting in fewer malfunctions and longer service life.
  • Space Saving – With no ducts and smaller air handlers, the equipment doesn’t require much wall or ceiling space.
  • State-of-the-Art Controls – With WiFi connectivity, you can adjust temperature in each zone through your smartphone.

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