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An electric heat pump is the ideal solution for the desert climate in Gilbert, Arizona. In cooling mode, the system operates just like a conventional air conditioner, delivering perfectly cool comfort. When outside temperature drops, the switch to heating mode reverses the flow of refrigerant and takes advantage of ambient heat. Rather than burn fossil fuels, the heat pump transfers existing heat into the home, providing especially energy efficient and environmentally friendly comfort.

Heat Pump Installation, Repair & Service

Satisfy year-round comfort demand, reduce running costs and enjoy the perks of modern technology with the installation of a heat pump. Working to higher standards of customer service, Climate Pro, LLC is happy to be your source of expertise, experience and satisfying results. Our NATE-certified technicians are trained in heat pump installation, replacement, repairs and tune-ups. Make sure to check out the many rewards of our Gold Premier Maintenance Club.

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It’s easy to schedule heat pump service from Climate Pro, LLC. Simply submit our online form. We’re available every day of the week. We welcome inquiries at (480) 240-9920 and answer 24/7 emergency requirements without delay. Climate Pro, LLC is ACCA-qualified and upholds good standing with the Arizona Heat Pump Council. We look forward to providing quality products, exceptional workmanship and rewarding outcomes.

Heat Pump Maintenance, Heat Pump Replacement & Heat Pump Repair

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Proper maintenance always costs less than repair. Maintenance is scheduled when it’s convenient for you. Repairs happen when things break down, and it’s never at a convenient time.
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Having a heating and cooling system go out unexpectedly can often be a large unexpected expense. If you find yourself in this situation, rest assured we’re here to ease the pain.
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