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VRFs are gaining popularity in Chandler, Arizona, as a space-saving, more customized and versatile alternative to traditional HVAC systems. Rather than one, big, loud central unit, this modern innovation consists of compact air handlers that are independently controlled. As the name suggests, Variable Refrigerant Flow operation adapts the amount of refrigerant supplied to each air handler to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Climate Pro, LLC provides for residential and commercial VRF application, handling new installation, seasonal maintenance and all types of repairs for all makes and models. Our technicians are NATE-certified, ACCA-certified and dedicated to earning your total satisfaction. We remain available for 24/7 emergency response.

A few of the benefits of a VRF system include:

  • Ideal and even comfort

    – The ability to identify the demands of a specific zone and supply the exact amount of refrigerant needed for each air handler, the compressor unit of a VRF tailors output to eliminate cold spots, hot spots and issues with humidity.

  • Quiet operation

    – Because the condensing unit is most often located outside, there’s less noise. The smaller indoor air handlers create less operational sounds than a centralized unit with ductwork.

  • Energy efficiency

    – The system is designed to perform at varying speed, allowing it to run at lower capacity, less often, which consumes less energy. The added advantage of heat recovery is that the operation captures heat from the cooling process and redirects it to other areas within the home or building that require heating.

  • Versatility for limited space

    – There’s no need for large pipes to circulate fluids, distribution fans, ductwork or water pumps. Along with a smaller footprint, VRFs facilitate the installation process.

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling

    – VRFs offer the ability to personalize comfort in different zones, answer room requirements and cater to occupancy. There are options that can heat one zone while cooling another.

  • Smart technology

    – These modern systems allow adjustment from your smartphone, provide maintenance reminders and track system conditions.

  • Reliability

    – Designed to operate only when necessary and under partial load conditions, there is less wear and tear on components, optimizing dependability and longevity.

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